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Certifications & Affiliations
Certifications & Affiliations

Steel Structures Painting Council
QP1 Field Application of Coatings Complex Structures
QP-2 Industrial Hazardous Paint Removal.
QP-3 Shop Painting Certification

In 1990 Dunkin & Bush, Inc. became the first contractor in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska to be certified by the Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC) under the Painting Contractor Certification Program (QP1). The certification process requires a painting contractor to meet strict criteria for demonstrating competence in corporate management, technical capabilities and safety. In addition to maintaining QP1 status, in March 1994 Dunkin & Bush became the first contractor in the West and only the second nationwide, to be accredited Full Status, Level A Certification under PCCP QP-2 "Procedure for Qualifying Painting Contractors to Remove Hazardous Paint."

What is QP-2?
In October 1992, the U.S. Congress mandated the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration take steps to address the lead paint hazard in the "Lead-Based Paint Exposure Reduction Act". Under Title X of the Act, the EPA is required to establish certification for removal of hazardous paints from industrial structures.

Highest Compliance Level
Requirements for QP-2 certification meet or exceed state and federal laws regarding the safe removal and proper disposal of lead and other hazardous paints, including worker and environmental protection. The qualification procedure includes auditing of corporate policies and inspection of job site procedures. To achieve QP-2 Full Status Level A, Dunkin & Bush had to demonstrate successful completion of hazardous paint removal projects requiring the highest levels of environmental protection while maintaining the safety and health of our workers and of our customers' workers.


QP-3 is a nationally recognized program that evaluates the practices of shop painting facilities in key areas of business. These standards are considered to be the minimum level of service and quality for today's coatings industry.

The complex nature of coating systems, the specific conditions and surface preparation required by these systems, have made the QP-3 guidelines vital to the longevity of protective coatings applied in the shop.

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