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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you paint houses?
A. We are an industrial painting contractor primarily performing maintenance painting programs for facility owners.

Q. Do you perform high work?
A. Is the roof of the Space Needle high enough for you? We have also worked on the Deception Pass Bridge, Bridge of the Gods and off-shore platforms.

Q. Do you work over water?
A. We have all the safety equipment to perform over water work safely without jeopardizing our employees or the environment. We've even done work under water.

Q. Do you remove lead paint?
A. We perform lead abatement, as well as other hazardous paint removal in industrial situations; bridges, tanks, paper mills, refineries. See Services - Lead Abatement

Q. Do you line tanks?
A. We perform several different types of lining in petrochemical tanks, etc.. From fluid applied to hand lay-up, we have extensive experience in lining storage and process tanks. See Services - Coatings and Linings

Q. Will you paint my restaurant?
A. If your restaurant is the exterior of the Space Needle.

Q. Do you do sandblasting?
A. We abrasive blast using shot blast, grit blast, sponge blast, baking soda blast, high pressure water blast. See Services - Surface Preparation

Q. What is your safety record?
A. Our incident and severity rate are far below the national industry average. Some of our sites have reached eight to ten years without a recordable incident. See Safety & Awards

Q. Where do you work?
A. We are currently licensed and perform work in WA, OR, ID, AK, CA, CO, MT, HI and Aruba.

Q. Do you have much experience with concrete floors?
A. We apply thin film systems, fiberglass systems, reinforced systems, non-skid and ESD systems. We also apply power-trowelled, hand-trowelled and self leveling toppings. See Services - Concrete

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