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Surface Preparation
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Surface Preparation

Consistently an industry leader in surface preparation technology, Dunkin & Bush invests heavily in this major component to quality painting work. Steel Grit Recovery Systems: The staple for cost effective tank interior preparation. Steel grit, a highly productive blast media, is reclaimed and recycled; greatly reducing preparation and disposal costs.

Mineral abrasives: From six-sack pot to six-ton bulk pots these abrasives continue to provide quality abrasive-blasted substrates.

Sponge Jet Systems: This abrasive and delivery system combines hard abrasive and sponge to provide dust free coating, smoke and contamination removal from unique substrates.

Armex/Accustrip Systems: Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is used as an abrasive for a variety of cleaning and removal operations too sensitive for sand and safer than chemicals.

Blastrac Equipment: Dust free, self-contained floor machine for surface preparation of concrete floors and steel tank bottoms.

Vacuum Powers Tools: The tools are used for containing the dust during lead abatement, for controlling dust in sensitive areas and for reducing employee exposure to air-borne particles. Sanders, grinders, needle guns, Scarifiers, crack routers and concrete saws are a few of the tools that meet this criteria.

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